WhatsApp new features & hidden tricks

Whatsapp new features in latest update :-Whats app messenger is top instant messaging platform loved by millions of the users around the globe. Many peoples starts their day after reading whats app messages. It’s the top app which is absolutely essential in every online user’s phone.
Recently Whats app company was acquired by Facebook, and the messaging app is completely free to use. The popularity is forcing to keep upgrading more and more WhatsApp new features. On the off chance that you have all new features as of now there, you may not recollect half of them at use.


List of WhatsApp new features :-

Whatsapp new features

Until date, WhatsApp has released a lot of new features that you can use at messaging. Aside from messaging highlights, there are new features that you will found quite interesting and useful.
We are added some most recent and highlighted Whatsapp new features in this post. You need to update your whats app to latest vesrion to experience these to experience these new features. To update it, search “WhatsApp messanger” on Google play store and click on update button.

Create multiple statuses

Whatsapp new features are now get revealing after updating app. video or photo status are introduced to users by deleting text status feature. After seeing users are not happy with this, They are recently added old text status feature. You can show multiple statuses at a time that will last for 24 hours ( video/ photo and text status ). Additionally they are added privacy setting for your temporary status, so you can hide status from any individual. So You can easily monitor status privacy and now replying on status is possible. Negative points of this feature is, you can’t save any status photos and Status gets deleted after 24 hours. But you can still save all statuses excluding text using status saver app.

Call back your messages

This most awaited feature has been added to new whats app update. The concerns which were previously caused by the inexhaustible message were not there anymore. Whats app have given you the chance to delete the inexplicable message from receiver’s phone, but receiver are able to understand that you are deleted a message. To experience this feature just hold on message which you want to delete from receiver’s phone > Choose your action about deletion of message ( Delete for Me | Cancel | Delete for everyone ) > Done.

Pin your important contacts at top

Did you feel little hard to find your important one message among dozens of received messages ? Don’t want to miss any message from important contact ? Whats app has added new contact pinning feature to help you. You can pin maximum 3 contacts using this feature to keep your important contacts on top of all messages. Your pinned contacts will always on top, even no messages are received from them. To use this feature, just hold on any contact, until you see some symbolic menu on whats app header. Click on pin symbol. Done !

Send messages to yourself

Most of times, you have to test a message before sending them out. You can send them to yourself on WhatsApp before sending it to anywhere. Using this trick, you’re able to test messages. To do this, just make a new WhatsApp group, add any contact in it and after that remove him from the group. Presently you are alone from everyone else in that group, and you can send messages there. It is likewise an awesome choice for taking snappy notes. You can also send messages to yourself by adding your another whats number to contact list.


Use Whats app in regional languages

If someone speaks with you in your mother tounge, then its feel are more comfortable and friendly. Most of peoples are proud to use their regional language. Some people faces to the problem of understanding things in English language. This problem will don’t exist anymore by new whats app version. As per new update of whats app, you can change language of your app. So it is more simple and often to use. Currently some major regional languages are available in Whats app.

Add description for group

As we know, Group name does not reflect the purpose of group. Whats app are added description feature for groups to easily understand the purpose of creating group. It enables users to add description up to 500 characters for all members of any group. Once the description is added, the group chat gets a notification with Persons name who has changed the group description. Any member can update description of group, but Admin can choose who can update group description, icon and name by going to group info > group setting. As a group admin, you can remove admin rights from any participants. Go to group info > Tap on admin contact > Dismiss as admin.

Read messages without knowing it to sender

When you read a message, sender can aware about it by seeing blue double tick. However, if you don’t want to notice a message you have read to the sender, you can read the message without them knowing it with three simple tricks.

1) If you want to read a message, simply turn off mobile data networks of the phone. Use airplane mode and turn off Wi-Fi. Now, Open WhatsApp, read your message.  close WhatsApp by task killing app and then start your data again.

2)The another simplest trick is to add a WhatsApp Widget on your desktop. If a new message arrives, you can read the whole message without noticing  the sender. Simply scroll the message on the Widget.  But if you click on the widget, automatically WhatsApp will open and a blue tick will be noticeable across.

3) Next simplest way is to hold on contact of message and mark as unread. 🙂 that’s it !


Backup and Export all chats and media to email

You can easily backup or export particular chats for safe keeping in Google account for any special purpose. Go to chat screen, click on the ‘options’ menu, then ‘more’ and then on ‘email chat’. You able to send the whole chat. Restore it on any whats app supportable device in future. Also you can backup your all chat to Google drive. Just you need to download it, then move it to what’s app folder > data base > paste it there > rename this file by replacing date.


Whatsapp new features and tricks


Star messages

As per whatsapp new features, You can star mark some messages and store them as favourites. Long press on the message in your chat and click on the star icon. These messages will be saved as favourites into the chat itself. These messages will not deleted until you remove its star marking. You can find all star marked messages at one place. Go to menu > starred messages.


Change font style of message

You can now send messages in bold ,
italics or strikethrough and mono-spaced too. Simply use the special characters before and after the words to get the formatting the text. E.g. :-

1)To Bold the word, use *   (*Bold*)

2) To italics the word, use _ (_italic_) 3) To strikethrough the word, use ~ (~strikethrough~)

4) To mono-spaced the word, use “` (“`Mono-spaced“`)

In Very recent update of whats app, you don’t need to add special characters to format fonts. Shortcuts will get available to format fonts after holding on texts.

Add new contacts directly from Whats app

In the latest update, Adding new whats app contact is much easier. You can directly create and add new whats app contact without separately opening system contact app. This feature is improved from old version of whats app. Some other old features are also improved such as video call and live location. You can now video call with 4 peoples simultaneously and can switch between voice and video call. You are able to share live location and time tag with photo or video. Click on smiley option located beside the crop image option and select location tag to experience this feature.


Use two or more WhatsApp numbers on one phone

Generally we use two sims on dual sim supported phones. WhatsApp only allows a single number to be used with the app and don’t recognise the other numbers. You cannot use two WhatsApp applications in one phone to run the other one number. There is only option you have to use two WhatsApp applications on the same phone that a thirds party apps. Download parallel space : Multiple accounts app from Google play store.  And run multiple whats app accounts on your phone.


We have included most highlighted whatsapp new features, tips and tricks in this post. Use these features like a pro. Share it with your friends. Stay tuned for more tips, tricks about tech and earn money tricks. Tell us your interest by liking posts via following listed social icons.

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