Paypal referral program (India) : Refer and earn 400 rupees per new user

Paypal referral program (India) : Refer and earn 400 rupees per new user.
Paypal is usually best known for receiving payments internationally. It is popular payment gateway in the group of freelancers and businesses. PayPal helps to send money to anyplace on the planet in not more than seconds. Deal with all the manners in which you send, get, and spend through cash initially at one place.

Using Paypal, You are able to send Money to PayPal account holders in more than 100 countries utilizing only their email address or phone number. Furthermore, it’s totally free when you send cash to friends in the US from your bank balance or PayPal balance.
At whatever point you send, get, and go through cash with PayPal, the application sends a moment notification to enable you to monitor it all.

Types of Paypal accounts

PayPal referral program

img : Paypal referral program

PayPal offers three kinds of accounts to 3 particular sorts of clients – for Shoppers, for Business purposes and for Freelancers. The primary kind of the account is devoted to clients who wish to make online or virtual transactions on buy of any things Online or disconnected mode. It is like how individuals these days use PayTm and PhonePe to pay at retail outlets rather than money.

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The second kind of account is intended to serve the necessities of neighborhood business faculty. It is the opposite side of shoppers account. This kind of record guarantees a sheltered and doable route for virtual transactions to be prepared among the clients and business foundations. The clients need to finish their KYC procedure for activating this type account.

The third account is devoted for freelancers, who can make a PayPal account and use it for ordinary transactions with their customers. It is also require KYC procedure completed for account activation.

How to access Paypal referral program ?

  • First of all, Download PayPal Mobile App from here.
  • Log in to your account in PayPal mobile app or create either Freelancer or Business account.
  • Check homepage for “refer now” link or Click on the gear icon ( Setting button ) at the top right.
  • Now click on “Refer now”.
  • Get your unique Paypal referral link by clicking “Share an invite”
  • Share that link with your friends !
  • You and your friend will receive 400₹ in Paypal wallet, only if your friend create new freelancer or business account via your Paypal referral link and make his first transaction. This amount is transferable to bank.

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