Part time jobs for students | Get hired online to work day by day basis

Hello mates ! Are you thinking to work for part time as a student ? If yes, then your decision is great. we have found a good way for you to work part time. So you can earn enough pocket money for your needs. Currently this way is only available for students in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Channai, Indore, Delhi, Nagpur, Bhooal and Mangalore. This part time work comes under event management. It means you have to work for an event. Work may include brand promotion, attend visitors and other activities. Eventbaba is providing this opportunity for Indian students.

What is EventBaba ?

Part time jobs for students
EventBaba is a event management business, which is providing opportunity to students for part time work of some legitimate events and promotions. Headquarter of Eventbaba is located in Bandra, Mumbai. You can hire candidates, promoters, volunteers
for your event or campaign. It have more than 64,000 registered users. You can register on Eventbaba through their official website or available app on Google play store.

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How to apply for part time jobs as a students on eventBaba ?

  • Applying for work in EventBaba is very simple.
  • You need to register as new user on their website or app.
  • Download Eventbaba app for android from here.
  • Create your new account using required details.
  • After successful verification, you can browse available jobs on home window.
  • Choose and apply for any part time job.
  • You will get confirmation call from EventBaba for further instructions, if necessary. Otherwise you can direct call to co-ordinator using available job details.
  • Attend a small interview to get selected for job.
  • Always keep a note of the event or promotion date and attend at given place on given time.

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How would you get paid for the job ?

With help of Eventbaba, You can earn money by working for part time on a day to day basis. You will be paid for your work in cash or cheque. Payment date will be provided, When you successfully complete an job. If you miss any day in working period, you will not get paid for that day. So, after joining for part time job, You cannot leave or miss any day. You can earn 1000 rupees per tip.
Just tell to eventbaba about event, promotion activity, where promoters or staff is required. Provide them contact details, address of company in charge will verify & pay you for your tip.

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