How to stop auto download and block app installation in android phone

How to stop auto download and block app installation in android phone :
Many users faces problem of automatic app downloading in their phones. Those users gets unaware of this activity until app is being successfully installed. It is disgusting, if data balance is more valuable or you have care trojan or viruses to enter in your phone. We are here to help you for your query How to stop auto download with some easy solutions. Automatic app downloading in background mainly kills data balance and slow down your phone. So lets see how to stop auto download and block app installation in android phone.

How to stop auto download and block app installation in android phone ?

This problem enters in your phone, when you download any file from unsecured source other than Google play store or medium that does not verify the file for the viruses and permissions.

How to stop auto download

Stop Installation from unknown sources

Go to your phone settings and choose ‘security’ option from available settings. Now look for the unknown sources check box are checked. Make it unchecked to disable app installation from unknown sources. This is the most fundamental and important step you should take with the end goal to @ block app installation android. This setting doesn’t affect app installation from known sources like Google play store.

Confine Background Data

Confining background data likewise helps in settling the arbitrary applications installation problem. Simply go to Settings > Data usage > select each application one by one you need confine > look down > check “Limit Background Data”. This has helped numerous users to settle this issue.

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Use a Good Security App

You should use a good firewall and security application to ensure your phone protection. Perform an entire scan of your phone and empower security. These security applications spares your phone from range and self-imitating applications. It will block app installation in android phone for harmful apps. Stubborn trojan killer android app may help you to remove trojans & viruses, if your device is rooted.

Use stock ROM and Flash

Terrible applications installation likewise originates from various ROMS. Reverting phone to stock ROM get all back factory settings. Stock rom is the essential rom which repulses spams and outsider applications which have no accreditations. You can likewise flash your Android phone in the wake of doing this.

block app installation in android

Disable auto updates from Google play store

Google play store also automatically updates app by default setting. To stop it, go to Google Play Store and open settings. You will find “Auto update apps” in general setting. Click on it and select “Do not update apps automatically”. Now Google play store will always ask for your permission to update apps whenever new version is available of any app.

Delete suspicious apps

Find and remove untrusted apps by detecting data usage in device setting. Some adware and Trojans gain access to Android device administrator without your permission. In result of this activity, you will not be able to uninstall app that install random apps automatically. Go to security > Device administrator and remove access of suspicious app. You can use addon detector app to scan and detect addon used by installed application and clean your smartphone. It also suggest you to which apps you should not keep on your smartphone.

We hope you understand How to stop auto download and block app installation in android phone. Checkout more tips and tricks for your phone. Stay tuned for more !

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