How to get free amazon gift card worths rupees 200 ( no survey )


Hey guys ! We are back with a new awesome way to earn 200rs Amazon cash without any work. You may already tried free amazon gift card generator or money adder tool available on the internet. These tool usually don’t work until you want to use it for free without completing any task. In this post, We will tell you an easy way to get free amazon gift card worth rs 200 without any work. What you are thinking ? Is it really possible to earn money without any work ? Definitely it is possible.
As we know, big businesses and market researchers always want to know about their customers behavior, needs, experience and usability of their product or service. So they get help of various research panels and surveys of customers. You might be tried survey sites to make some bucks in free time. Here is the same thing of research of customers without annoying them by asking dozens of questions.

So let’s see this idea to receive your reward of free amazon gift card worths 200rs. This reward you can only redeem through amazon and shop something cool that you want.


How to get free amazon gift card worths 200rs without any work ?


  1. In this way, you don’t need to do any work just go to Google play store and download “Mobile expression Reward” application, which is less than 100 KB in size. install it from HERE.

Update :- This apk file is now 6.29 MB in size.

2. Open Mobile expression Reward app and register on it. After successfully installing this app, grant all the permissions to work it fine on your device. New versions of Android provides the feature of permission deny or allowing of any app installed in your device.


free amazon gift card generator

3. You are done.Open Mobile expression Reward app and register on it with your email id, address, mobile number etc. There will be asked some common questions like annual household income and your work or job. If you provide fake information to register, You will not receive your reward properly as expected.

4. You will get confirmation after successfully registering on Mobilexpression.

5. Now you don’t need to complete any tasks such as installing apps, watching videos and filling the forms etc.

6. All your need is just open this app 1-2 times in a week for some seconds to claim credits.


 free amazon gift card

7. After claiming 10 credits completely, you can send your balance to your amazon wallet by redeeming gift voucher code worths 200rs.


Terms and conditions


Reward amount are different for every country.

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You must be at least 18 years old and capable of entering into a binding agreement of Mobile Expression Reward.


Mobile xpression does not monitor your phone calls, nor does it record the phone numbers. And no record or see your private conversations.


It records and collects information about users’ mobile data usage. This may include messaging services, mobile web browsing activity, In short, they study your browsing and surfing experience on internet.

We hope you liked this easy way to get free amazon gift card. Don’t forget share this Stay tuned to Online Pep for more money earning ideas and trick.

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