How to create a wishing website ? Free festival wishing website script available for download

Create your own wishing website with Free festival wishing website script :-

Hello friends ! Welcome to Online Pep. Nowadays, festival wishing website is trending on whats app and other social medias.

What is the Festival wishing website ?

Festival wishing website is one page or two page website works as a digital greeting. It contains eye-catching look, image, animations, message and social sharing button. Festival wishing website scripts are available in various html and php versions.

How to create a wishing website ?

There is no special needs to start a wishing website. It don’t need any SEO knowledge to generate traffic. You can create your own festival wishing website with free hosting and free sub-domain. You can also use blogger to host and run your wishing website. We don’t recommend you to use free hosting account to host your festival wishing website script, because
Wishing website success with viral traffic, So you need to choose best hosting plan by calculating required bandwidth and daily traffic limitations. Check cheap hosting plans.

You can download free or paid script from below links :-

Free festival wishing website script

Pro festival wishing website script

Features of provided Festival wishing website script :-

Free festival wishing website script

  • Replaceable images
  • Google AdSense friendly
  • Compatible for any size ads
  • Optimized for high ads revenue
  • Works on blogger ( replace image link )
  • Facebook and Whats App Shareable with quick share buttons.
  • Very lightweight and optimized for speed
  • Facebook, Whats App and twitter Meta Tags

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Benefits of Festival wishing website script :-

  • Website will be popular on social media
  • You can drive huge viral traffic
  • You can Earn extra Money from top advertising networks ( Approved accounts only )

Note :- Do not place ad code below the images to comply with AdSense policy.

How to upload script ?

  • Open index file to edit using notepad and replace your own images, message, ad codes and website links.
  • Save file and Login to your website Cpanel and go to file manager.
  • Click on public html folder located at the left site navbar.
  • Click on upload link present at the header menu navigation.
  • Upload provided .zip file and extract it with help of header navigation menu.
  • Delete uploaded .zip file. ( Do not delete extracted files )
  • Done. Visit your website URL for preview.


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