How to edit any webpage and prank your friends ?

Edit any webpage and prank your friends :- At once time, one of my childhood friend Devil Bittu ( He love to join ‘Devil’ before his goodly name ‘Bittu’ ) Sent me the screenshots of Google search result in which the popular celebrities and lots of websites are talking something good about his career, achievements and popularity. He also sent me the screenshots of YouTube subscribers, likes that was unbelievable about him, because previous week his mother told me that, He are jobless till now. With my experience Bittu is too much naughty and a big hater of study till present time and never thinks about future, but how get he popular ( ! ) that was revealed in next day. By the way, when you are in group of friends or specially in front of girls/ boys, Do you like to swank of any kind ? Would you like to do some fun with friends by showing self created fake data of Google result, You tube subscription, likes, comments or any webpage to shy in friends or girlfriend/ boyfriend ? The dark possibility of your answer is ‘Yes’, isn’t it ? Ok. I am also ready to tell you this trick.


Are you ready to do some fun ?

First of all go to Google play store and download Web page editor app. For quickly action click the following button.

This app is very simple to use. Enable your data connection before using this app, it works only at online status.

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Now, Open it after enabling data connection on. You can see the simple iterface like other browsers inside the app. wait for loading of Google search engine page.

After completely loading above page, Type the keywords or URL of  the webpage, which you want to edit.

Hit search and wait until the page loading.

Now look on loaded page and decide where you want to edit text of webpage.

Click on the pencil, which is located at the head in front of search bar. Colour of pencil will change after clicking on it, so you can confirm that pencil is in active status to edit webpage.


Now edit any text by tapping on screen like website name, info, title of page. Editing of webpage allows you to edit contents including online chats, search results and much more without manipulating the commands of webpage. All text are editable on every open window. You can easily edit and alter your favorite web pages. Have some good times making witty and entertaining web contents and posts and impart it to your companions. Just screenshot it and publish.

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Final words !

Do not use this app for any kind of bad purposes like defamation.

The contents alters on any page utilizing this application is changes on your end not the server. Thus, refreshing the page will bring back the original contents of the page.

Don’t forget to share this with your friends, stay tuned for more tips and tricks !



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