6 disadvantages of flashing custom ROM in Android phone

6 disadvantages of flashing custom ROM :
Hello friends ! There are many articles are present on Google, which highlights the advantages of custom ROM. In this post We are going to reveal 6 disadvantages of flashing custom ROM in Android phone.

There may be some personal reasons for your decision of using custom ROM.
But we known some of the common reasons for entering this decision in your mind.
Such as,
1) to get rid from boring user interface of current UI.
2) to customize UI interface as user wants.
3) to get full control on device like granting permissions to any system activity.
4) to get experience of new OS version without buying new phone.

Regardless of benefits of the custom ROM, the disadvantages can not be ignored. Here we will tell you 6 disadvantages of flashing custom ROM in Android . So you can think about whether it is safe to install in your phone or not, and then you can take the right decision a right way.


6 disadvantages of flashing Custom ROM in Android phone

disadvantages of flashing custom ROM

1. Software Problem

Custom ROM doesn’t make changes in Hardware of phone. Network is the soul of all phones. Users may face irritation of mobile network after installing incompatible custom ROM. In the recent year, “How convert 3G phone into 4G LTE” topic was trending in India.
No 4G phones ROM make 4G support to 3G phone. Incomplete, bad practices of installing Custom ROM may cause malfunctions in your phone.

2. All apps won’t run

Even you are getting power to get control on your phone after flashing customized OS, Some apps refuse to works on custom ROM installed phone. It include apps of payments, games, customising tools, personal data, money earning etc. Third party apps are available to resolve that issue. It pretends phone is not rooted and have stock ROM. but this may risk for data of personal and financial related apps.

3. Loss of data

Installing a custom ROM usually involves wiping your phone to get back factory settings, so you lose your data and need to start from scratch. You will lost your game progress ( if you have ) and other apps data. Fortunately, Android’s built-in contact syncing along with apps offering message, call log and apps backup/restore to make this process easier, letting you retain your data.

4. Wrong Recovery

Flashing recovery is a first process while installing new custom ROM.
Choose appropriate recovery for particular device to safely install new custom ROM. If you choose wrong recovery, phone will misbehave or brick. You may loss the total functioning of your device. We have some readers, who reported the issues of wrong recovery such as flashing error and dead screen interface.

disadvantages of flashing custom ROM

5. Voids warrenty

Installing a custom ROM will in most cases void your phone’s warranty, though often the process is reversible, meaning you can turn your phone back to stock as long as it isn’t bricked.
Installing a ROM to your phone requires you to root it first in most cases. While rooting most phones is easy, some phones require a complicated procedure to be followed before you can install a ROM to it and often, such procedures involve a risk of making your phone dead or useless.

6. Affecting Camera quality

After installing custom ROMs in Android phone, user notices the quality of camera clarity and pictures are with huge difference than previous. The functions of Camera app changes after installing custom ROM. This issue is not clearable by re-rooting or reseting the phone. So, choose best reviewed ROM to pass this issue away from your phone.


What should I do ?

If you have Intensify wish to install custom ROM in your phone, then its not a bad idea. Keep in mind the above 6 disadvantages of Flashing custom rom and choose appropriate custom OS for your device. Custom ROM are better than official ROMs for customizing your phone as you want. Ask to your tech savvy friends about chosen ROM or follow the developers forums related to that OS. The above disadvantages will be different for your android phone depend on hardware of device and chosen custom ROM. Don’t forget to Backup stock ROM in any external storage to again back to previous version anytime.

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